Engineer, Geotechnical Structures & Design

WSA owns and operates 72 dams in the province, ranging in size from large, like Gardiner Dam that forms Lake Diefenbaker, to small earth dams and in-stream weirs. These dams provide water supplies and recreation and also mitigate the effects of flooding. You will specialize in the field of geotechnical engineering and be part of the team that ensures all of our dams are operated and maintained in accordance with our Dam Safety Management Policy. In this way, we know that our dams are safe, and we can maximize their benefits for the citizens of Saskatchewan. In this role, you will provide professional geotechnical engineering support in the investigation, design, construction, risk assessment, operation, maintenance, monitoring and assessment, and rehabilitation of the WSA’s water management infrastructure projects.


You will work among a diverse and passionate team of professionals from fields including engineering, water quality, ecology, law, sociology, and public policy to name a few, that are leading this exciting challenge in our province.

The successful candidate shall possess a degree in Civil Engineering or a similar engineering discipline, a licence to practice professional engineering from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS) and 4 years of related experience.


Note:  Applicants with the required education but lesser experience are encouraged to apply as they may be considered for an Engineer-in-Training position at a lower management classification.   Applicants with over 10 years of directly related experience are encouraged to apply as they may be considered for a Senior Engineer position at a higher management classification.