Vice President, Operations- Service Delivery

Reporting to the President and CEO, the Vice-President, Operations—Service Delivery, is accountable for the leadership and oversight of service delivery across DCC. The incumbent is also accountable to the President and CEO for corporate planning, health and safety, and security.


  • Lead and manage both the delivery of services to and the relationships with Client-Partners, and be accountable for the quality, timeliness and cost effectiveness of overall service delivery
  • Establish, foster and maintain key relationships with other stakeholders and industry, and within DCC
  • Supervise, and provide strategic leadership and direction to the national service line leaders (Contract Management, Real Property Management Services, Project and Program Management and Environmental Services service lines), as well as the Special Assistant to the Vice-President, Operations, and the Manager, Operations Coordination
  • Supervise, and provide strategic leadership and direction to the Director, Information Technology, and act as VP Sponsor for the Information Technology Strategic Plan
  • Support overall business management, performance management and resource planning for operations and information technology, and oversee national service line business planning
  • Lead and be accountable for corporate planning, and support strategic planning sessions
  • Lead and be accountable for corporate security, including acting as DCC’s Corporate Security Officer and being the functional authority for the Coordinator, Corporate Security
  • Lead and be accountable for corporate health and safety, including acting as DCC’s Corporate Health and Safety Officer and being the functional authority for the Coordinator, Corporate Health and Safety
  • Act as VP Sponsor for the Corporate Risk Management Framework and the Corporate Performance Management Framework, and contribute as a member of the Executive Management Group to the management of corporate risks and operational performance indicators
  • Support strategic human resources planning by providing input into the Corporate Plan and operational business plans
  • Support the development and implementation of national-level training and development, succession planning and employee career development, including the DCC Training Tracker
  • Act as a leader in the areas of individual, professional and corporate ethics, promote DCC’s image and values, and create a work environment that fosters quality, creativity, open communication, respect and innovation
  • Promote corporate initiatives across the organization
  • Ensure DCC compliance with corporate standards, legislation, and Government of Canada policies and guidelines
  • Support the financial management of operations, administration, policies, processes, procedures, systems and practices


  • Be involved with and act as a leader on internal and industry committees
  • Other duties as assigned

General and Specific Knowledge

  • Contracts for the delivery of real property projects and lifecycle support management, including knowledge of contract law, insurance and security as applied to regulatory requirements
  • Strategic, corporate and business planning processes and procedures
  • Strategic leadership and change management theories and approaches
  • Corporate risk management theories and approaches
  • Corporate performance management theories and approaches
  • Knowledge of the Policy on Government Security, and corporate and industrial security

Formal Education and/or Certification(s) and Experience

  • University degree in engineering, architecture or related field
  • Approximately 15 years’ of progressive experience in construction, environmental services and/or contract management for complex infrastructure projects
  • More than 10 years’ experience in a progressive senior management role, or equivalent


  • Professional designation or accreditation in a related field
  • Well-established relationships with DND, the Canadian Armed Forces and the construction industry
  • Extensive experience in management, leadership, decision-making and problem solving at the strategic level
  • Experience in managing large projects, negotiating contract changes, resolving disputes, managing project relationships and troubleshooting complex contract management issues
  • Experience in the management and provision of full lifecycle support services for a large infrastructure portfolio


  • Develop innovative solutions linked to new procurement approaches, such as modified design-build, public–private partnerships and integrated project delivery, and new tools such as building information modelling
  • Be innovative and risk-tolerant in the context of knowledge-based decision-making and principles-based service delivery
  • Possess proven leadership communication skills, including ability to communicate with diverse audiences and contribute to the success of the organization
  • Transform organizations through strategic leadership and proactive change management
  • Communicate effectively in both official languages (significant asset)

Development and Leadership

  • Demonstrate strategic leadership as a member of the Executive Management Group

Working Conditions

  • Typical office environment with regular travel to all DCC regional offices and sites


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Vice President, Operations- Service Delivery