Industrial Process Engineer

Industrial Process Engineer

Are you an experienced engineering professional with extensive knowledge in air pollution for industrial operations, including petroleum refineries and petrochemical facilities? Here is your opportunity to identify, evaluate and advise the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) and stakeholders on the development of provincial standards, policies, strategies and innovative technologies related to air pollution.

What can I expect to do in this role?

In this role, you will:
• Lead the implementation of regulation 419/05 related to Air Pollution Control.
• Instrumental in developing and implementing compliance activities related to fugitive air emissions and air pollution control for industrial operations, including petroleum refineries and petrochemical facilities under relevant provincial legislation, policies and procedures.
• Provide scientific, engineering and team leadership for the coordination of the leak detection and repair (LDAR) verification actions and guiding technical field staff.

Note: This position may be located at any MOECC office in Sarnia / London or Hamilton and will be determined by the location of the successful candidate

How do I qualify?


• Full membership in the Association of Professional Engineers Ontario (P.E.O) or equivalent in Canada

Engineering and technical knowledge:

• You have knowledge of using existing methods, including the USEPA Method 21 and developing and implementing enforcement protocols according to best industry practices and sound engineering knowledge.
• You have thorough knowledge of current environmental issues, engineering practices and management techniques (e.g. guidelines and standards) together with a working technical knowledge of industrial processes, including downstream operations in the oil and gas industry.
• You have thorough knowledge of refinery environmental and safety procedures.
• You have in-depth knowledge of operation and maintenance of petroleum and petrochemical equipment (storage tanks, loading racks, cargo tanks, oil / water separators, valves, pumps, compressors, etc.), detection technologies such as Optical Gas Imaging, sniffers and calibration procedures.
• You must be able to read and understand P&ID's, review engineering specifications and designs, recommend effective operational program improvement and abatement support based on sound engineering principles and emerging air pollution control technologies.
• You must have technical expertise to identify key emission sources of pollutants from complex manufacturing/industrial processes, reviewing engineering specifications, designs and to recommend and implement effective abatement measures.
• You have the ability to apply knowledge to complex technical analysis of engineering documents to provide expert advice for the Ministry's compliance and enforcement activities, including hazard analysis and identification of critical compliance points.
• You have knowledge and comprehensive experience in environmental protection program implementation to develop successful implementation strategies for modern compliance and enforcement actions.
• You have knowledge of and ability to interpret and apply relevant legislation (e.g., EPA, OWRA, Toxics Reduction Act), regulations, policies, programs, guidelines and standards in Ontario and knowledge of other jurisdictions (e.g., Provincial, Federal, US).
• You have knowledge and understanding of all Occupational Health and Safety legislation, policies and procedures.

Interpersonal and communication skills:

• You have consultation skills to provide technical guidance and advice.
• You have oral communication and presentation skills to deliver training materials, presentations as well as appear in court as an expert witness.
• You have written communication skills to prepare a variety of materials (e.g. briefing materials, technical papers, training materials).
• You have conflict resolution skills to effectively mediate complaints and resolve contentious issues.
• You have relationship management skills to establish and maintain credible and effective working relationships with colleagues, industry representatives, the courts and the public.

Judgement and analytical skills:

• You have analytical skills to assess and apply research results to develop practical solutions to unique and complex issues.
• You are familiar with statistical sampling and the ability to analyze technical data from multiple and complex datasets, prepare and evaluate technical reports and studies.
• You have strong judgement to render decisions that can withstand legal scrutiny.
• You have analytical and judgement skills to appropriately apply engineering concepts when investigating and assessing design issues, recommending new compliance and enforcement initiatives and evaluating safety and environmental concerns.

Project leadership skills:

• You have group leadership skills to represent the ministry at various events and on various committees.
• You have knowledge of project management tools and methodologies.
• You have experience leading complex engineering studies and projects.

Salary Range: $79,260 - $104,020 per year


Additional information:

  • 1 Temporary, duration up to 18 months, 733 Exeter Rd, London, West Region or 119 King St W, Hamilton, West Region or 1094 London Rd, Sarnia, West Region

Please apply online, only, by Friday, March 9, 2018, by visiting and entering Job ID 119753 in the Job ID search field. Please follow the instructions to submit your application. Faxes are not being accepted at this time.

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