Executive Director and Registrar

Through the provision of vision, leadership, and sound managerial skills, the Executive Director & Registrar (EDR) will enable APEGS to fulfill its role as a regulatory body under The Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act and Bylaws. The EDR performs duties imposed by and is accountable to the elected Council to provide executive leadership to the APEGS team that results in an ethical, prudent, effective, and sustainable operation.

Hallmarks of success for this role include leadership, knowledge, expertise, and recommendations to Council to assist APEGS in fulfilling its mandate to protect the public through the licensing, regulation and discipline of Professional Engineers and Professional Geoscientists in the Province of Saskatchewan. The EDR will:

  • furnish Council and staff with an independent perspective that is true to APEGS’ objects for their consideration; and,
  • ensure Council members experience good support, sound advice, open and transparent communication; and,
  • ensure a smooth transition including consistency of operations and the preservation of institutional knowledge; and,
  • be highly “visible” and increasingly recognized as APEGS Executive Director & Registrar by the membership and key stakeholders.

APEGS will be best served by a trusted, communicative leader whose passion and purpose champion APEGS’ mission to protect the public interest, improve industry standard, support stakeholder and member consultation, promote education and licensing, and seek out cost-effective modernization of business practices.  They will bring energy, presence, credibility and a proven ability to influence and build relationships. The likely candidate will possess:

  • Professional Engineer or Geoscientist status (registered in Saskatchewan or eligible for registration in Saskatchewan) is a must.
  • Business, financial management and leadership studies and/or experience to complement the required Professional credentials
  • 10+ years of proven leadership skills at the executive level in an engineering or geoscience organization, and / or comparable duration and level of experience in related government entity or an association with a similar self-regulation mandate.
  • Strong connections to and appreciation for the Saskatchewan economic, social, professional, educational, and political context.
  • Knowledge regarding the trends, challenges and opportunities associated with the self-regulation of professions across Canada.

This opportunity will resonate with professionals who are strategically minded, lead and manage change decisively, focus on results, can inspire others and who will hold the interests of the public and the members in high regard as they chart a course for the future direction of the Association. 

About APEGS:

The Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS) is the self-regulating organization responsible to the people of Saskatchewan for licensing Professional Engineers and Geoscientists in the province, and for regulating the practice of these professions in the public interest.