Senior SEM Engineer

Company Objective:

Dr. G. Sauer & Partners Corporation (DSP) has a record of delivering high quality and innovative tunnel design solutions for public and private underground infrastructure. We deliver under tight programme controls by working efficiently with highly qualified and motivated team members. During construction we are instrumental in implementing the design compliant to specifications and drawings through a tight but supportive Construction Supervision process.


Purpose of the role: Position of Senior SEM Engineer on site

The Senior SEM Engineer will head the SEM supervision team on a specific construction site leading the "Required Excavation and Support" ("RES") process. He manages the site supervision team, which includes the SEM/Geotechnical Engineers and the Senior SEM Inspectors, to ensure compliance with the design and to provide QA/QC oversight as far as it concerns the excavation and support work of the mined stations. The Senior SEM Engineer works closely with the contractor’s construction and engineering team and needs to find agreement with the Contractor’s Tunnel Manager. In the field the Senior SEM Engineer will evaluate and assess geologic and hydrologic conditions or ground support categories and approve or if required, direct use of ground support measures. Furthermore, the Senior SEM Engineer will manage the documentation of geologic conditions and monitoring data as well as the documentation of the construction process and progress. He will review daily and weekly reports as well as monthly and final summary reports produced by the Contractor and the SEM team members. He will also coordinate with the Contractor, track the construction schedule and provide input to improve production, quality, safety and logistics, based on information received from the Senior SEM Inspectors, if required. The Senior SEM Engineer will produce a monthly status report and attend all required meetings.

Responsibilities and duties:

In the role of the Senior SEM Engineer on Site, the Senior Tunnel Engineer will be responsible for producing construction documentation such as technical reports, notes, RES-sheets monthly and final reports as well as overseeing the accurate documentation of all contractor’s activities through the SEM supervision team. The principle duties are:

  • Timely production of monthly reports, RES-Sheets, additional documentation
  • Managing and supervising the team of SEM Inspectors working in a 24/7 shift pattern
  • Providing construction support solution to the contractor’s representatives in line with the design.
  • Carrying out geological and geotechnical assessment of the encountered ground and water conditions
  • Assist the development of construction processes and logistic planning such as excavation sequences in line with design documents and/or design intent.
  • Participate and embrace DSP’s quality control procedures such as ISO 9001:2015 and the Quality Management Plan.
  • Report construction activities and issues to the DSP Project Director (P.Eng, Engineer on record)


Qualifications and Experience required:

  • Master Degree in Civil Engineering or similar.
  • Working experience of five tunnel design and/or supervision and construction projects including urban stations, soft ground SEM/NATM tunnelling and multiple drift excavation.
  • Thorough knowledge of the structural design of tunnels and a high level understanding of geotechnical engineering.
  • Excellent English and French language, representation, organisation and communication skills.
  • Excellent knowledge of MS office software package and drawing production in AutoCAD and/or Microstation

Qualifications and Experience advantageous:

  • Experience on national (Canadian) Tunnelling projects
  • Eligibility to work in Canada
  • Experience in Live Cycle Design
  • Experience in Tunnel Inspection and Repair measures
  • P.Eng licence or licence in process